SMMR 2021: Updated COVID Protocols (3/31/2021)

A look into the safety protocols for SMMR 2021.

As the cancellation deadline for SMMR 2021 approaches at the end of this week, we want to continue to provide as much information as possible to help you and your group make the most wise decisions on your final numbers.

Previously we had given you a list of some possibilities we have been considering as we move forward. While there are certain things that we have no ability to predict or make final decisions on until much closer to camp, here are a few that we believe we can confidently say we will or will not act on:

  • We will not require record of negative covid tests, nor proof of vaccination for admittance to camp.
  • We will recommend (not require) that participants wear masks when in the Big Room for sessions as a best practice.
  • We will most likely implement adjusted seating arrangements and duplicate sessions to increase the ability to distance within the Big Room.
  • We will most likely stagger/assign Big Room session entry times to prevent hallway crowding
  • We will most likely limit total capacity for shoppers in the BigStuf Store.
  • We will most likely allow/encourage groups to take meals from the pavilion to other areas on the property and eat meals within their own groups.
  • We are working closely with the Boardwalk Convention Center to ensure high sanitation and cleaning protocols.

Additionally, we are working on protocols for how to handle a scenario in which a student or leader either:

  1. Develops symptoms consistent with COVID 19 or 
  2. Tests positive for COVID 19; or both. Should this happen, we hope to:
  • Have identified and partnered with local medical facilities in Panama City Beach for rapid and standard testing of anyone presenting with reported symptoms
  • Quarantine the symptomatic/positive individual in a separate BigStuf-maintained room, with protocols in place to keep individual (if a student/volunteer) in communication with their leader
  • Work closely with the group leader to contact parents/guardians as soon as possible to maintain communication on well-being and care of individual
  • Rely heavily on group leaders to have pre-established group protocols specific to their group, which we suggest will work toward getting the student/individual home as quickly and efficiently as possible

As previously stated, we will continue to monitor CDC and State of Florida Guidelines and/or Ordinances in order to make decisions that prioritize the safety of all participants (including students, leaders, BigStuf Staff, Band, and Production).

If and when any decisions or changes are made, we will communicate them to you as quickly as possible to keep everyone informed. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dani Smith on our Leader Relations team

Thank you again for trusting us and allowing us to partner with you as we strive to inspire students to life life with Jesus. See you soon!

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