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What is the BigStuf internship?
The Bigstuf internship allows college students to devote a portion of their summer to create the most incredible camp experience serving middle and high school students while they learn about Jesus. While there, you’ll learn many new skills (seriously, you will learn a lot) and meet other interns from around the country who also have a passion for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

How long is the internship?
Every year is different! SMMR 2023 will require a 6 week commitment from the end of May to the beginning of July.

Where is the internship?
You’ll spend the majority of your time in Panama City Beach, Florida. But plan to start and end your summer in Atlanta, Georgia with the BigStuf Staff!

Is it paid? *TO BE UPDATED FOR 2023*
In the past, we have always included our interns in the ownership of expenses for the summer, including housing, meals, team apparel, travel, training and development opportunities, and other costs. We recognize that placing the weight of fundraising on our interns can sometimes be a barrier to participation, and we are always innovating to keep the door open for as many great candidates as possible. While the 2023 internship is not paid, this will be the first year that interns are not required to raise funds to cover their own expenses other than travel to and from BigStuf.

How old do I have to be to apply?
We are looking for applicants who have finished at least one year of college, or are of college age and will be at least one year separated from high school graduation at the time camp begins. For example, you are eligible for SMMR 2023 if you graduated high school in or before the Class of 2022.

What will I be doing?
The BigStuf internship is unlike any other for many reasons, but certainly for the variety of tasks you’ll execute! Running cameras, stage managing, filling in for group leaders, officiating rec games, editing videos, organizing supplies, and being an outward facing direct representative of the BigStuf culture are just some of the many things you’ll do to create an amazing camp experience!

Summer 2023 Internship
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