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BigStuf is a student outreach and discipleship ministry that uses immersive experiences to inspire and prepare the next generation of leaders. BigStuf serves 5,000+ students, young adults, and families every year across the country and we need great people to join the team as we grow!

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What's at the Core?

We know that our people are our strength.

Be a
Good Human.

Strive to be the best version of yourself, maintain a positive attitude, and respect of everyone around you.

Inspire a
New Normal.

Being courageous with ideas or actions even when it means being different than or disrupting the status quo.

Be For Them
Before Me.

Love unconditionally, champion others, and protect those around you. Act with the best interest of others in mind.

Serve From
the Heart.

Provide EVERYONE with exceptional and intentional service, that surprises and delights.


Thinking and acting as if you are personally responsible for all aspects of the organization and its success.

Show Them

We are Kingdom ambassadors, every interaction we have is an opportunity for Christ to move in and through us.

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