New Branding, Who Dis?

Wait a minute ... what's with all the website changes?

I know what you're thinking ... does something look a little - actually a LOT - different around here? Is this BigStuf? Did I go to the wrong site?

Don't worry, it's still us!

It's still all your favorite people here at BigStuf Ministries/ BigStuf Camps / "Big Stuff" (yes we still see two F's often from lots of people, but it's all good). Home of Piñata Parties, amazing sessions, late night worship, and basically the best summer camp experience you'll ever have. Our website got some new threads and now it's out there for the world to see.

So why a rebrand and new site now, you ask? Maybe the better question is: why not?

Obviously the last few weeks have looked different for all of us across the country as we've  navigated this crisis we've found ourselves in as a result of COVID-19.

We believe that in crisis, creativity can thrive, and we at BigStuf have embraced that reality with every bit of our energy, time, and effort. I have been really impressed with the way our team has risen to new heights in leader relations, customer service, and dreaming up new ways we can grow and serve students and leaders in the future. While the next few months still hold a lot of uncertainty, one thing we can be sure of is our ability to innovate and serve one of our team's core values - to Inspire a New Normal.

So in the midst of phone calls, emails, text messages, zoom conferences, and social distancing, our little team has found ways to bring big value in the way we serve everyone who finds us, and one of those is through our website and branding. I am so proud that we have such talented people on our team to pull this off internally. So take a look around, share it with your colleagues and friends, and make sure you subscribe for updates so you don't miss a thing in the future!

Fresh adds:

SMMR: You may notice that we've changed and even added a few things you've not seen before. For instance, what we've always called BigStuf Camps as our summer event (and until now the only real product we've offered), has now been given a new name: SMMR!

WKND: We've dreamed about offering events outside of summer as well, and staying connected during the entirety of the year. After our first successful Winter Weekend event earlier this year in Ft Worth, Texas, we've decided it should be a thing. Enter, WKND. And what's cool is that WKND doesn't limit us to be only in the winter months. It could be Fall; it could be Spring ... so stay tuned!

BOXX: And finally, we've added something we're really excited about - BOXX. As I mentioned, crisis opens the door for, and even forces us to think differently about how we operate. We know that many of you who were planning to join us in person this summer simply cannot for a multitude of reasons. But our hope is that even a crisis of this magnitude can't keep us from providing tools and resources to the groups, leaders, and students we love across the country. The details of BOXX are still in development, but keep an eye on it, because we believe it will be a great way to stay connected to BigStuf during a time when we all need connection. (AND, if you were already registered for summer 2020, BOXX is included at no charge!!)

As always, we are huge fans of every one of you. As I personally have spoken with hundreds of you over the past few weeks, I've been encouraged to share with our team the stories many of you have shared in how you have handled such challenging times with grace, faith, and hope.

It makes us even more grateful for any and every opportunity we have to partner with you, and I can assure you we are more committed than ever to keep moving forward alongside you - to show as many students as possible that the best life is a life with Jesus. We're praying for you all and we'll see you soon.

-Trey McKnight, Camp Director

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