BigStuf 2023

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BigStuf 2023

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BigStuf SMMR Camp Standard Schedule
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COVID Policy

Our primary goal is to prioritize an environment that minimizes the spread of COVID-19 and illness for our staff and camp attendees. Secondary to personal health, we recognize that to fulfill the mission of Bigstuf at camp, it requires us all to be healthy! It’s in our individual interests and the interest of the mission and business of BigStuf to protect everyone from getting sick at camp.

Bring A Mask. We’re asking that you bring your mask, and keep one on you at all times. As a courtesy to others, we may ask that in certain spaces you wear your mask out of respect to fellow attendees, speakers, or staff.

We’ll Provide Masks for Staff and Attendees.
Bigstuf will provide disposable masks for all to wear at their discretion.

If You See A Mask, Wear A Mask. When having a close conversation with an attendee or another staff member, respect their decision to mask up and either stay distanced or put on your own mask. *Don’t put ownership on that person, but take it on yourself at 3 levels of engagement:By Default - Your choice to implement this on your own as you see fitBy Request - You ask the person you are approaching if they’d like you to wear a maskKeep Your Distance - You maintain a distance of at least 6 feet out of respect for their decision to wear a mask