July 2020 Safety Precautions

Here are a few things we're planning to make sure everyone stays safe! We're grateful that as things continue to trend in the right direction, camp is increasingly an affirmed reality for July.


We want you to know that BigStuf, in conjunction with our partners, plan to take measures that in many ways go above and beyond what would be required at the time of camp. Here is a running list of precautions we will take to ensure the safety and responsibility of everyone involved:

Required Masks

We will be requiring students, leaders and staff to wear masks during main sessions and as they walk through the food line for meals. Additionally, our team members will be wearing masks during transactional instances with students and leaders.

We are asking that everyone bring their own masks, but we will have some available on site if needed.

Pre-Session (AM) Temp Checks

We are asking that leaders perform Temperature Checks each morning before the session. Leaders are required to report the completion of their group's Temp Checks to our Leader Relations team by 9:00am. Groups will not be allowed to enter main sessions until the completion of each Temp Check is reported. Should your student, or any of your leaders show an elevated temperature that is 100.5 or greater, please reach out to our camp medical contact, so that we can activate the necessary protocols to keep everyone safe.

Pre-Camp Attendee Checks

We're asking that leaders implement systems to monitor anyone planning on coming on the trip before you leave. Check in with parents on temperatures and any sickness that students may have experienced or been exposed to for minimum 14 days prior to the day you head to Florida. We'll send more guidance on this as camp nears.

Outdoor Check-In

Whereas check-in normally happens in the Boardwalk lobby area, we will move check-in to just outside the doors under the overpass at the main entrance. This will allow us to limit crowding of mixed groups and keep the flow of traffic moving efficiently. Additionally, any payments via credit card will be touchless with our new payment processing system.

BigStuf Staff will be taking temperatures upon each group's arrival, while we will not record individual temperatures or names, this will allow us to ensure that everyone is fever and symptom free, upon the start of camp.

No Lines Before Sessions

We know, we know, lining up at the door is one of the highlights of getting into the big room before a session. But this year we're asking that no one line up in the hallways before the doors open. We'll let you know when doors are open, and as always, your wristband will indicate where your group will sit for that session, so there's no need to pile in.

Doubled Sessions

Should we have maximum capacity attendance at each camp, we plan to double sessions in the big room in order to create more space for everyone in attendance. This means there will be two Session 1's on night 1, two Session 2's the next morning, two Session 3's that night, and so on. This will allow everyone to have plenty of distance around them, and you can do that special worship dance without having to worry about smacking anyone in the face. This also means that, for everyone's safety, we're asking that students and leaders maintain their chair area once sessions start, ever during worship. No rushing or piling close to the stage. If you've been in the big room before, you know there's not a bad seat in the house!

Meals in Small Groups

Meal service will still happen at the pavilion, but students and leaders will be asked to take food with them to a place of their choosing and eat as small groups. Obviously this creates a greater footprint for trash across the Boardwalk campus, so we ask that everyone exhibit responsibility in picking up after themselves and keeping the Boardwalk and surrounding beach areas clean.

BigStuf Store Reduced Capacity

We will limit the number of people in the store at any given time to a reduced percentage of capacity. Number to be determined.

Regular Cleanings

Our team will include in their daily checklists added regular cleanings of high-touch surfaces like the BigStuf Store, Leader Lab, Leader Lounge, and any other hallway environments etc. owned by BigStuf.

Please check back often, as this list will change in the coming weeks as we confirm, edit, and add items.

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