BigStuf Smmr 2020: Cancelled

Due to the spike in the pandemic over the last several days in Florida, specifically in Bay County, our leadership team feels that it is no longer safe or wise to continue with camp in July.

Because of this, if you planned on using Boxx to watch a livestream during our live camp sessions, that will no longer be possible. We understand that this may create a rift in your plans to gather students over the next couple of weeks, and we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience of having to shift once again during these uncertain times. However, we will still be broadcasting a live Boxx experience later in July and believe that the experience will be even better now that we can focus all of our attention to the online audience!

We are currently working hard to rethink, redesign, and improve the experience. The format will change a bit to include only evenings, and will be broadcast July 21-23. As planned, all of Boxx will be recorded and available after the live Boxx experience in case you can’t make it for all three nights. We will send more details soon around how you and your students can use Boxx to participate, and we truly believe it’s going to be great!

You can register for Boxx at

We will be issuing refunds for any amount your group has paid above and beyond your deposits.

As an alternative, if you plan to attend camp next year and would be willing to transfer that payment credit to SMMR 2021, we will offer free spots based on the number of spots you register in the fall. If you’d like to consider this option or talk with your staff and get back to us, take the time you need to do so.

Below are the incentives for SMMR 2021 registration numbers should you transfer 100% of your payment to SMMR 2021:

10 spots registered SMMR 2021 = 1 free spot
20-49 spots registered SMMR 2021 = 2 free spots
50-99 registered SMMR 2021 = 4 free spots
100+ registered SMMR 2021 = 5 free spots

*These spots are in addition to the full credited amount transferred from SMMR 2020.

Please let us know if you have any questions at this time and know that we are still praying for God to do BIG things in the lives of students this summer!

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