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Panama City Beach, Florida
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Overview: The Registration Assistant helps support all registration and leader environments/activities during camp. There is 1 opening for this position.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist with organizing and maintain leader environments (Leader Lab, Leader Lounge, Lost & Found, and Info Table).
  • Assist Leader Relations Coordinator with any needed tasks.
  • Assist with set up of Leader Lab including BigStuf production equipment and Orange stage, props, etc.
  • Assist with set up of Leader Lounge
  • Assist with training of Leader Lab interns
  • Greet youth leaders before and during Check-In
  • Assist with Day 1 preparation (oversee bags, salvation kits, wristbands)
  • Oversee room key pick-up process during Check-In; lead Key Interns and troubleshoot rooming-related issues during Check-In.
  • Check-In any last minute or late groups.
  • Lead New Leader Tour on Day 1 of each camp
  • Assist with set up and production of Day 1 Leader Meeting
  • Manage and respond to mass leader texts during camp
  • Assist Orange team with Leader Lab sessions
  • Assist with troubleshooting in Leader Lab
  • Open and close Leader Lounge
  • Oversee Leader Lounge intern (cleanliness, organization, equipment (i.e. TV), stock of supplies, and overall atmosphere)
  • Assist with management of Info Table during assigned sessions by answering leaders’ and students’ questions and addressing issues (i.e. related to wristbands, simple first aid, etc.)
  • Collect and organize results of youth leader surveys
  • Oversee Lost & Found Items, respond to Lost & Found requests, gather contact information, mail Lost & Found Items, and charge accounts for shipping costs.
  • Manage additional responsibilities that support the ministry of BigStuf; remain flexible as these may be assigned randomly.

Line of Authority:

  • The Leader Relations Coordinator makes the ultimate decisions for situations that affect church group/youth leader interactions with BigStuf.
  • Can delegate tasks that need to be accomplished for the overall benefit of leaders and leader environments and ensure that tasks are completed well
  • Can assist Leader Relations Coordinator with resolving leader complaints and concerns

Results Measurement:

  • Leaders feel welcomed and cared for throughout their camp experience
  • Leader environments are maintained, organized, clean, and prepared for all activities including Leader Lab sessions and Day 1 Leader Meeting
  • Leader Lab, Leader Lounge, and Registration interns have high level of understanding and execution of tasks
  • Majority of feedback from leaders is positive

Other: Additional responsibilities that support the area of leader environments of BigStuf may be assigned.

Reports to: Leader Relations Coordinator

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