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Panama City Beach, Florida
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Overview: Intern Leads are responsible for developing the BigStuf interns into confident and capable leaders by equipping them with leadership skills through serving, intentional community, and discipleship. There are 2 openings for this position.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist in interviewing potential interns
  • Assist in training all incoming interns on BigStuf culture, values, code of conduct and intern roles
  • Assist in overseeing intern arrival week schedule
  • Help to implement leadership development content for Internship Program during camp months
  • Manage intern schedules for daily job assignments
  • Male Intern Lead will have regular one-on-one’s with male interns, will lead a male intern small group, must compete a mid-summer intern evaluation personally with each female intern
  • Intern Leads are responsible for leading meetings (morning or night) for interns

Line of Authority:

  • The Intern Director makes ultimate decisions for situations that affect the BigStuf Internship Program
  • Can delegate tasks for intern that need to be accomplished for the overall benefit of BigStuf
  • Can ensure that interns are completing tasks well and getting to their job on time
  • Have the authority to address conflict between interns to ensure the relational well-being of the team

Other: Additional responsibilities to support the BigStuf Internship Program may be assigned.

Reports to: Intern Director

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